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Developing Confident, Productive and Goal-achieving Women.

MDCWT Programs are designed to inspire, engage and connect all girls with a focus on good moral character, patriotism, community service, and a love of learning. Our primary commitment is to provide the platform necessary to support the next generation of women leaders through our programmatic offerings and the formation of a life-long network of leaders through our dynamic programs:

Therapy and Empowerment Group Program

It is designed to deliver benefits for the ‘daughters’ who suffer with generalized anxiety, self-esteem, loneliness, shyness, social anxiety, hopelessness and those who are bullied and are bombarded with the everyday stresses of life. The program promotes resiliency and its emphasis is on exploring patterns of how the ‘daughters’ relate to themselves and others with the aim of developing greater understanding and developing better ways of coping. We tend to focus our attention most on strengthen self-esteem and self-perception and improve the girls’ academic achievement through:

  1. Goal setting and progress monitoring

  2. Building a community of caring, support, and encouragement

  3. Cognitive and memory skills

  4. Handling pressure and anxiety

  5. Building healthy optimism.

Multimedia Group Counseling Program

The Multimedia Group Counseling program is delivered in group format, a multimedia curriculum approach for MDCWT counselors to successfully work with disengaged girls to:

  1. Build a community of respectful, successful focused young ladies.

  2. Deal with Peer pressure and Anxiety .

  3. Build cognitive and memory skills.

  4. Have healthy/fulfilled relationships and create SMART goals.

Girl Talk Program

The MDCWT Girl Talk Program is our primary leadership skills development program that empowers the girls to have fun, learn new things, and make new friends. The program is comprised of several functions that collectively serve to make the program fun, engaging and impactful for students.

While in the program, the MDCWT girls will work to improve their self-esteem and confidence while exploring the basic skills that are easily transferable to everyday life. Girls undertake a process of self-discovery to explore their identities and tell their stories: who they are, what challenges they face and how MDCWT can help them. The graduates from the program will:

  1. Make positive friends, embark on new adventures and uncover the power of girls.

  2. Become strong leaders in school, at home and in the community.

  3. Gain skills in leadership and positive identity development.

  4. Improve confidence and join the next generation of successful women of the world.

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